Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A message from Neel

I first met Lenore Robertson and Carol Dance in 2012 when I was cast as Vikram Singh in Roopa’s Goal, a play staged in the S+S Theatre Festival Sydney. The play explored various themes of migration in particular it highlighted whether the bitter sweet pain of migration- of leaving behind one’s birth place for the promise of greener pastures in their adopted homeland. Is really worth it in the end? 

Having worked with Lenore and Carol, I realised that we are bound by a common interest in cross-cultural story telling. Carol’s migration to Australia from her homeland of USA provided some of the inspiration for her writings. Lenore has a particular passion for working with cross- cultural themes and my own migration from India provided me the insight and first hand experience of synthesising the culture of my birth place with my adopted homeland. 

Having worked closely in Roopa’s Goal, an abridged version of the play, Indian Embrace sowed the seeds for us to come together again in bringing to our audiences for a season- long showcasing of  the full length play.With a matured casting list and a professional support team behind her, Lenore has taken a firm hold of the reins as Indian Embrace’s director. She has challenged the actors to authenticate the characterisation of their roles pushing the boundaries to bring to life on stage a story which will hold universal appeal to the audience. Lenore’s easy going style and down- to- earth personality is an asset to her directional ability. 

The presentation of the play will be intimate yet experimental. In this premiere performance, this  beautiful  story, with its  underlying themes of migration, co-existence and sustainability of culture will be  depicted in a very  meaningful context. The comic elements present in this play will leave an indelible mark on you. The story is timely, contemporary yet not clichéd. Indian Embrace’s fun filled scenes are well balanced with the dramatic elements that Carol has written. As an independent theatre production Nautanki Theatre’s endeavour of Indian Embrace must be watched, experienced, relished and reflected upon. We look forward to entertaining you.

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