Sunday, 21 July 2013

A message from the director!

Rehearsals are well underway and the cast are enthusiastically embracing the script as they delve into the inner thoughts of their characters. I feel so privileged to be the first director working with Carol’s wonderful script! Carol is very open to subtle changes of dialogue that don’t hamper the progression of the storyline. In fact, she is usually delighted at the words that are literally “coming out of the mouths” of the actors as they discover their characters. It is certainly a thrill to be able to liaise so directly with the writer and to tap her thoughts whilst  simultaneously exploring my own vision of the play.
I have a production meeting with Richard Neville tomorrow. He has some very imaginative and exciting ideas about enhancing the set design with lighting. It is such a joyful process, bringing this beautiful story to life!

Lucy Rasheed as Pamela and Ambika Asthana as Roopa

Ambika Asthana as Roopa and Shashidhar Dandekar as Vikram


My meeting with Richard was a great success. He has brilliantly combined my thoughts and concepts  into an imaginative set that will powerfully evoke the sights and colours of India.

photos by Steven Menteith.

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