Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to Indian Embrace!

Welcome to Nautanki Theatre's blog about our upcoming production of Indian Embrace, a play set in Varanasi, India, by Carol Dance.  Carol wrote the play after a trip to Varanasi where she was bowled over by the energy of this famous city.  Later, she re-worked one scene of the play for a Short and Sweet entry and got into both S+S Sydney and S+S Chennai (that's in INDIA!).  Nautanki then read Carol's full-length play and loved it so much they just had to mount a full production.

Nautanki is proud to announce that director Lenore Robertson has selected an excellent cast.  Rehearsals have started and the show opens August 21 at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. 

We're not going to give too much away but we can tell you that there is humour, drama, suspense and epiphanies as three Aussies and three Indians face danger together.  The mighty Ganges runs through the veins of them all.
(Details at  or five shows, so be fast to book!)  

Keep checking our FB page about Indian Embrace for photos of the cast, news updates and our You Tube trailer.

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